Orbit Salon, 5 Points - Southside

I've been cut at a number of places over the past few months, but I keep going back to Lisa Cordes at Orbit Salon. And I'm going to recommend this place to all the dudes out there that are too cool (i.e., nervous) about going to a salon, as well as the ladies in their life that wish they'd stop going to Supercuts (sorry, Supercuts, but it just ain't so).

Why will Orbit work for dudes? Number one, it's a bit gritty. No, not gritty like a bus station...I mean gritty as in authentic and unpolished. You will not find bubbling fountains or calming Musak (or any other cliches which dudes fear). Orbit is urban and vibrant - much like Southside. If you feel comfortable in 5 Points, you'll never feel out-of-place in Orbit.

What else? Oh yeah, it's cheap. I know "cheap" isn't the best way to say it, but sorry, $20 for a wash and haircut is just plain cheap! Now I'm sure it costs a bit more to sit with the owner, but a wash and cut with Lisa is only $20. And Lisa is good. I'm fairly prissy about my hair and she has never disappointed. Actually, it's rumored that my exact hair style has its own Hindu god - that's a lot of pressure to put on any one stylist. Lisa has been consistently up to the challenge. Remember to tip.

Here's the contact info:
Orbit Salon
2030 11th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 918-0333

One final note...I am aware of the fact that there are places in Birmingham that will "cut" your hair for $10 or less. And I am further aware that the men who frequent these establishments are quite proud of their discount cuts. Gentlemen, I say this not out of arrogance, but with deep concern for your well being...you're not 12 years old anymore, grow up and get a real haircut.


Anonymous said...

My stylist Josh is there.. I've been going to him for YEARS! I've not been to him since he's been here but I'm pretty excited
-A, B'ham

Anonymous said...

I agree with this review entirely, it is totally guy friendly, not some posh uber-salon. I see Nicole and she rocks, as a guy I really don't have a clue how to explain how I want my hair to look (especially since it's all falling out), but she just sits me down and makes it look as good as it ever could. I highly recommend this place to anyone who doesn't want to have their hair cut based on trimmer settings.