Jilbere Hair Salon

I scheduled a first time appointment for a partial highlight and a trim. I spoke with the stylist, emphasizing that for 2.5 years, I had worked to get away from bleaching and chemical processing as my hair is extremely fragile. I explained that I wanted a few highlights with a couple of heavier chunks around my face. 4.5 hours after she began, I had platinum blonde, bleached and broken hair. At one point she had bleach on my entire head. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied, "just brightening your base." The first time I was in front of a mirror was 4 hours into it and far too late to stop her. Unfortunately, I had gone there with a friend preparing for her wedding. I had no intention of upsetting a bride-to-be by making a scene. A call and visit with the owner, Tony Jones, the next morning was equally unsatisfying. I was told that the color was "very pretty." Sure, never mind I didn't WANT TO BE BLONDE nor deal with the nightmare of maintaining blonde hair! I was also told it was an "easy fix." Funny, I wasn't aware you could UNbleach hair and put broken hair back together. Neither would she admit that the gloss she offered was only semi-permanent, and I would be working for months to just get back to ground zero. A request for a refund was denied. I was offered further service or a credit. Why on earth would I want a salon that had already ignored my requests and damaged my hair have another crack at my head? I did not.

Thank goodness I ran to Hair Reflections. I had never been there but had heard good things. By complete accident, I bumped into the owner, Rose who agreed to start work two hours early to rescue me. She did just that. Her staff was terrific and she obviously knew exactly what she was doing and understood what I wanted. Unfortunately, I'm still in the predicament of having to deal with semi-permanent color and more frequent visits to the salon than I want or can afford. The fiasco has cost me almost $500 with many more expenses in my future and a substantial amount of damage to my hair. My suggestion....go anywhere but to Jilbere's (soon to be Tonya Jones Salon Spa!)


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Brilliant site, I hadn't noticed salonflyreviews.blogspot.com previously during my searches!
Carry on the good work!