Salon on Crescent (Homewood)

I have had so many rave reviews from my last haircut and new salon...that I am flabergasted. I have given out seven cards just to family members...(not to mention friends and others) who could not wait to meet my hair artist. Every one of my aunts (4- big Sicilian family)whom were HUGE Salon 280 mavens..quickly ran over to Salon on Crescent where Kristen Buckelew works her magic !!!! She is amazing. Kristen believes in personal service all the way!! i have had my hair cut at Oak Street and all the other "it" salons....I was even offered free hair care by Angel way would I cheat on Kristen !!!! I followed her from A& me it is serious...dare I say love and adoration?!

She is the best kept secret in Birmingham. I hope I have not messed up my ability to get an appointment!!

Amy Novak

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Marla said...

Amen, Sister! I second the praise to Kristen at Salon on Crescent! Let me tell you a great plus in her favor--she has naturally curly hair!!! May sound like small beans to you straight haired ladies, but we curlies need someone with some sympathetic understanding to humidity and the Dear Deep South! Kristen always works me in very quickly and never slaps me up side the head when I say, "Shorter Kristen....I'm not sure about this part right here, Kristen....Can you cut Abby's hair too, Kristen?" Please give her a shot- I promise you won't regret it!