Salon U (Homewood)

I finally got a hair cut, an honest to goodness not just cut straight across the bottom by Dave haircut. I had never been to a true salon before and was more than a bit nervous about how it would go. I got an appointment with Mary at Salon U. A good friend recommended Salon U and since it is just down the street from The Bell Center, it worked out well logistically. The atmosphere was nice. The staff seems to be the pampering type. I’m not used to pampering so I just kept looking at them funny when they asked if they could get me a drink while I waited. People drink at salons? Who knew? Anyway, as I waited for my appointment time to arrive, I browsed through some hair magazines. I brought a picture with me that I thought I might like but I thought I might find something even better while I waited. I let Dave butcher my hair to make my last donation to Wigs for Kids so my hair was actually shorter than the woman in the picture I brought. While waiting, I found another pic of a woman with a shorter cut that I thought could grow into the longer cut of my picture. My time with Mary arrived. She was as sweet and normal as could be. I was so worried that I would get talked into something crazy but Mary took the time to ask me why I liked the pics I showed her and very sweetly told me that no the short cut would not grow into the long one since they were completely different styles. (Did I mention that I don’t do haircuts?) Anyway, after talking to me about the look I wanted and how it could possibly fit into my overcrowded life, she gave me a quick shampoo and scalp massage (quick only cause I was in a hurry) and then gave me a better style than either of my pictures. My head felt light but I still had oh so much hair! I began receiving compliments immediately. I’m in need of a touch-up and can’t wait to get back to Mary again!

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Marie S said...

I just got a note from her yesterday saying that she is moving to Salon J Adair as of April 1st.